Social Media, Insecure Work and New Solidarities

Working group on changing conceptions of work

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10 Social Media Moments That Shaped the Gun Control Debate | PBS

MediaShift . 10 Social Media Moments That Shaped the Gun Control Debate | PBS.

This is an interesting article highlighting key moments when social media played an important role in shaping national debates around gun control.  It highlights the importance of timely responses to key issues in the news, and the intersections between ‘earned media’ and social media.  What isn’t discussed is the relationship between more coordinated organizing strategies and more spontaneous ‘memes’ that emerged.  How are organized groups trying to channel the spontaneous responses into more longer lasting actions?

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Pew Internet & American Life Project Releases Report on Social Media Demographics

Not surprisingly, the report shows that social media is most popular with adults ages 18-29. However, the demographic breakdown of social media users is much more complicated than the age divide suggests. For instance, social media is becoming increasingly popular for both black and Latino populations (particularly Twitter) as well as low-income earners (less than $30,000/yr), suggesting that social media may be an effective way of reaching marginalized communities.

Recent claims regarding the ubiquity of social media may be misleading, however, considering that according to this report 43% of the population is still not utilizing social media. Facebook users account for 67% of the population, while other social media sites (Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter) each range from 6-16%. Click the link below to read the report in its entirety:

Overview | Pew Internet & American Life Project.