Social Media, Insecure Work and New Solidarities

Working group on changing conceptions of work


Social Media, Insecure Work and New Solidarities Symposium
May 17th, 2013
Participant List:

Carlos Amador
Dream Resource Center, UCLA

Marco Amador
LA Alliance for a New Economy

Chris Benner
Community Development, UC Davis

Elizabeth Brennan
Warehouse Workers United

Sofia Campos
Dream Resource Center, UCLA

Danielle Coates-Connor
Center for Story Based Strategy

Meghan Cohorst
Unite Here-Real Food Real Jobs

Sasha Costanza-Chock
Comparative Media Studies, MIT

Andrea Dehlendorf
Our Walmart

Glenda Drew
Design, UC Davis

Jesse Drew
Techno-Cultural Studies, UC Davis

Danny Feingold
LA Alliance for a New Economy

Judith Freeman
New Organizing Institute

Girshriela Green
Our Walmart

John Haffner
Community Development, UC Davis

Nathan Henderson-James
Common Good Center

Toby Higbie
History, UCLA

Saru Jayaraman
Food Labor Research Center/ROC

Joann Lo
Food Chain Workers Alliance

Marco Loera

Michelle Miller

Celso Mireles
United We Dream

Jess Morales

Pablo Paredes
67 Sueños

Mirian Posner
Digital Humanities, UCLA

Jan Reiff
History, UCLA

Stephanie Ritoper
UCLA Labor Center

Diana Robinson
Food Chain Workers Alliance

Raymond Suelzer
Our Walmart

Rigo Valdez

Saba Waheed
UCLA Labor Center

Jamie Way
Our Walmart

Goetz Wolff
Urban Planning, UCLA

Kent Wong
UCLA Labor Center

Student Hackathon Members: UC Davis: Liz Shigetoshi, Ashish Subedy, Katherine Fukui, Joyce Lue, Vivan Ho, Jack Leng, Tristan Schoening. UCLA: David Kim, Anthony Bushong, Monit Tyagi, Leslie Bloomfield, Amy Hakwins


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